Thursday, July 31, 2008

General BlogTalkRadio Tips

Listen to XXBN on internet talk radio XXBN uses the BlogTalkRadio platform. Here are a few tips to help you use the site.

You don't need to register to listen to shows, but registering gives you those social site perks such as a profile with your own blog/website information, making XXBN a "friend" (we like friends!), a unique user ID for the chat rooms, the ability to send messages to other registered users, rate shows etc. (Heck, you could even start your own radio show!)

Registered users also have the option to receive show reminders sent to them. To get show reminders, just go to the "Settings" page, then click "Notifications".

There you can fill in the information for the show notifications, such as the email address &/or SMS phone number to have them sent to.

You'll also see a little clock icon.

Clicking on this clock icon allows you to select the number of minutes before the show begins that the reminder is sent.

Another thing you should know about shows on BlogTalkRadio are the content labels.

The labeling of shows/topics as "everyone", "mature" and "adult" is a self-regulating move to shield the potentially offended. As such, the labels are a bit fuzzy. Basically "Mature" would be an "R" or "NC-17" and "Adults Only" would be for more risque talk ~ but we're still not talking X-rated or pornographic talk.

Non-registered users following direct links to such shows will be able to hear them just fine, but they, along with registered users who have not adjusted their search settings, will not find the mature and adult radio programs on BlogTalkRadio.

Registered users may opt to see & search for listings in the mature & adult only shows simply by correctly setting permissions in their profile. Just go to the "Settings" page, then click "My Options" and toggle "Disabled" in the safe search setting.

We hope this helps you further enjoy your XXBN BlogTalkRadio experience.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Buttons Etc. For Linking To XXBN

Feel free to help promote XXBN by grabbing one of these and linking it to this blog or to XXBN.Net. You can click on them for larger versions too.

(Do not hotlink; right-click, save and upload to your own site or image host. Thank you!)

Again, we'd like to thank shecomesincolors for allowing us the use of her photographs. She is both model and photographer. You can find more of her work at her DeviantArt print shop.

Images for linking to Cult of Gracie are here.