Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flox-ing A Dead Horse?

I've been half-dead from the flu (and the other half wishes I was dead) ~ maybe I shouldn't have had that phone sex with Ms Angela when she was so sick herself? Anyway, one person is worthy of crawling out of bed and taking a shower... The fabulous AV Flox of OMG. OMG! OMFG!

AV writes about the weird, complicated entanglements people get themselves into, from hook-ups to marriage, and how these connections are made easier or exacerbated by technology. She's currently working with fellow journo John Bowe on a collection of interviews about American views on love. AV champions understanding materiality, being polite on the internet, acknowledging the historical significance of pornography and erotica, and inviting gonzo back into journalism. She writes smut, overshares about her sex life on Twitter, and has been labeled by critics as a slut with low journalistic standards. She doesn't apologize about sex saying, "Anyway, wasn't Pulitzer also the father of yellow journalism?"

AV also describes herself as a huge information monger and story collector. "I don't think I have any real desire to do anything other than absorb information, lounge and write. Thank god for the internet, right?"

Amen, sister Flox.

Join AV Flox & I tonight, Wednesday November 19th, from 9 to 10 pm (central time).

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