Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cult of Gracie Radio With Artist Charlene Lanzel

Wednesday, September 17, Charlene Lanzel will be on Cult of Gracie Radio.

As an artist, Charlene Lanzel has worked with some of the world's top mural painters; with Breast Defense, an exhibition of one-of-a-kind plaster molds cast from the busts of legendary burlesque icons for The Keep A Breast Foundation; and creates some wonderful pin ups.

Lanzel was also a "She-Wolf" a "bodyguard" for The Dead Boys re-union tour in 1988 where she dressed in bondage and whipped the stage divers down from the stage, proof of at least one part in her "Cigarette Girl, Go-Go Dancer, Punk Rocker & Artist" billing. *wink*

It promises to be an eclectic mix of the arts ~ and opinions. Join the chaos!

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