Friday, September 5, 2008

Up the Hill with Zack and Jill, special Friday Night Edition, Tropical Storm Hanna live from Raleigh, NC

Date: Sep 5, 2008 5:01 PM
Subject: Xxbn tonight live from Raleigh, NC, coverage of TS Hanna 9pm
Body: Xxbn Talk Radio,
www. xxbn. net www. xxbnradio. com
9pm Eastern
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Special Up the Hill with Zack and Jill
Topic: Tropical Storm, possibly Hurricane Hanna by time of air bearing down on North Carolina. Xxbn live from Raleigh./Durham, directly in the storm's projected path. Forecasters are calling for high winds, coastal storm surge, inland flooding, tornadoes and very heavy rain. Xxbn Crown Weather Services Forecaster Rob Lightbown with the very latest information. Zacl in Raleigh with closings, delays and cancellations.

Zack will be in the studio, Jill Brenneman from Raleigh, other coverage from DC if possible.

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Meg said...

This is the first XXBN broadcast I've listened to - that Rob guy is great! lol - he's my fiance so I kind of have to say that. I just want to confirm, he's not single. :) If you ever want Rob, the real story of the insanity of what happens around here during hurricane season - I'll call in gladly! hehehe!
Peace, Love and GO PATRIOTS! -Meg :o)