Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cult Of Gracie Radio With Shon Richards

On this week's Cult of Gracie Radio (on Wednesday, August 20th at 9 pm central), Gracie Passette talks with erotica author, smut collector, charming cad, & intriguing rogue, Shon Richards.

Factory worker by night, erotica author by day, Shon Richards has described himself as "a strange, tortured soul." Typically his adult stories combine use sensitivity & romance to deal with tough relationship issues ~ and of course, everyone screws like banshees too.

Isn't that how we all solve our tough relationship issues?

In fact, it might very well be banshees ~ or vampires, ninjas, or industrial espionage agents ~ screwing their way to relationship bliss in Richards' stories. Just as long as those females wear spandex. Or leather. Or chain mail. Some sort of kitschy erotic garb straight out of male (and female) fantasies.

Because that's partly what erotica is about, the escapist stuff. If we wanted to just read about relationship issues we'd get Mars & Venus or some Dr. Phil article in O; but we want erotica to be at least partly fantasy. It's through the combination of fantasy adventure and human emotion that we find ourselves getting our lust-thang on.

At least that's my take on it. We'll have to see if Shon Richards agrees.

You can add your two cents to the discussion too. Just call in during the show at 1.646.200.3136.

After the show you can also download the podcast here.

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