Monday, August 4, 2008

XXBN Gets Runny, With Lemon Cookie

Lead vocalist, guitarist, and founding member of the band Runny, Lemon Cookie's not only an all-around awesome punk rock guy ~ but as the original impetus behind the benefit for Casa Xochiquetzal, an organization which serves as a community center & housing for aging and homeless sex workers, he's a sex work supporter and an all round awesome guy.

Lemon Cookie will be on XXBN Tuesday, August 5th, at 8/9 PM Central/Eastern. As always, you can listen live, call in with questions & comments at 1.646.2002.3136, and download the archived show/podcast too (at the same link).

Watch Runny's video for I Want To Fuck You And Kill Myself:

More about the band Runny:

Although a full-blooded NYC band now, Runny was originally formed in 1993 in Los Angeles by Lemon Cookie. Originally featuring guitarist Fuji Film, who was dropped due to a bad having-sex-with-hippies habit, it was turned into its current state in 2003 with the release of the album "Uncle Tom's Cracker Factory". Around 2005, Lemon Cookie was joined by DJ Phlegm, who assists in vocal duties and being the Disc Jockey of the band. The live shows are wild and naked, full of awful guitar playing, and holding true to the 60/40 paradigm (60 percent love it, 40 percent leave). A supremely amazing band, they have just added drummer Colonel Cream and bassist Cracker Dap, on semi-permanent loan from the Brooklyn-based deathpunk band, The Whores. They are available for weddings and bat mitzvahs.

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