Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mark Pickering Interview On Cult Of Gracie

Today, Wednesday, August 6th, on Cult of Gracie Radio at 9/10 PM Central/Eastern, Gracie Passette talks with Mark Pickering, author of Story of the Sand, a novel which delves into the world of post-traumatic stress disorder and the often overlooked struggles that face veterans upon their return home.

Told from the point of view of an Iraq war veteran, Pickering says his novel is "a raw and truthful account of how deeply soldiers are affected by their tours of duty overseas". To prepare for his novel, Pickering conducted in-depth interviews with real-life American war veterans from WWII, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and newly-returned soldiers from the current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

While Story of the Sand is a novel, we'll also be using this time to discuss what happens to veterans when they return as well as the issues, concerns, & policies surrounding their return.

On-air callers are welcome at 1.646.200.3136.

You can listen to the show live, online here; and if you miss the show, the same link is where you can listen to the archived show &/or download a podcast.

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